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Looking to support your Express Entry Profile with a POSITIVE Labour Market Impact Assessment?

We can assist you in getting a LMIA which will provide you an extra 50 points! This can ensure that you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the IRCC.

The competition in the Express Entry pool is fierce and it is becoming next to impossible for many candidates who fall under Canadian Experience class to qualify for ITA.

This is where we can assist you and get you back on the course toward getting your Permanent Residence in Canada.

Once a positive LMIA is acquired, it canĀ guarantee that you will get the ITA in the very next round of invitations from IRCC.


Go to our CONTACT tab and submit your assessment and other details. We will match your profile with employers who might be interested in hiring people just like you! Once we establish the connection, we will forward your resumes to such employers and initiate a hiring process with the selected employer. If the employer is willing to hire you, we will arrange for the LMIA and once approved, not only you will get those 600 points to support your Express Entry profile, you will also have a valid JOB OFFER!!


We can also assist you and your employer in the Express Entry and the LMIA process. The programs and policies run by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are ever changing and can be complex at times. We are the trained professionals with the experience to handle such matters. CONTACT us today and we will guide you through the system and simplify the process for both you and your employer.