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Why RNR?

Why Choose RNR Immigration:

1. High Probability of Success

We specialize and practice only in the field of Immigration Law. That allows us to utilize all our resources to accomplish your immigration goals.
We customize each application which is unique to your situation. This takes High quality work which often involves in-depth research of case law.
We work for a limited customer base, which allows us to spend more time on each case.

All the paperwork is done in a professional manner to avoid any mistakes and delays in the processing at the visa office.

2. We understand that the stakes are high:

A careless, hurried application - even if it is successful - can lead to complexities in future applications. For example: Mistakes made on a study/work permit application can seriously jeopardize future permanent residency applications.

If the client is in a dire situation, it is always a good advice to have legal counsel to help you with your application.

Cutting corners can lead to higher fees in the future. Appeals on negative decisions are often expensive and time consuming.

Our Goal at RNR Immigration is to do the job the right-way in the very beginning and save our clients from unnecessary litigation or repeat applications. This not only saves money for our clients but also relieves them from all the stress that accompanies with application denials.